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Monday, 18 May 2009


It was all about the girl you see
I wanted her so badly, so he had to go free.
But not free in the sense
As you understand in having your liberty
But for me it was knowing
He wasn’t around to trouble her
And I could do as I pleased.

As far as I was concerned she would always be my girl
I didn’t care what he told me, so in my mind the plot began to unfurl...
Would I catch him in the day? When he was completely unaware?
I was gonna get him, that’s for sure to God I swear.

The thoughts they tormented me every single day
Imaging him kissing her and having his wicked way.
It messed up my head, every time I thought of him
I walked around daily, my face dark and my heart grim.

It was always there in the bottom of my shoe
Just waiting for the opportunity that would present
But this would be one act, on which I’d claim I always had intent.
I knew what I was doing, no matter what would be later said
I knew how it would end up,.. I just knew I would leave him dead.

The time it came to pass not so long after,
It was the end of summer weekend night
Leaving a party he was so full of life and laughter
He wanted to walk away but I knew the time was right.
The only excuse I needed in my mind and now
Was to cause him to strike the first blow… but how?
So I goaded him with verbal temptation, the anticipation of a fight
He was the big man on campus,
Yeah I wanted him to come to me to test his might.

When the fist came, you can say the rest was history
Out came the knife from my shoe quick as a flash
The street ran redder with each single slicing gash
After those eight came the finishing blows
I won’t ever forget how thick blood flows
Because it was all about the girl you see
Her tiny cute button nose
Her pretty brown eyes
Her long silky locks
The way she laughed til she cried
The way she smiled at my unfunny jokes
The way she ran with a graceful lope
The way she walked with a sexy swagger
The way she touched me leaving me so hot I could only stagger.
It was all about her…
It was all about her not being with him…
It was all about him being out of the picture…
It was all so I could be her man again…

©18th May 2009-13:22pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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