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Monday, 18 May 2009


When I saw your face in the crowd
I looked back in a double take
I stopped in surprise
I didn’t think it’d be you…
I never dreamed it was you…
Could be you…
Would ever be you… again…
I didn’t want to believe my eyes
It had been so long
I thought you were dead
My heart came into my mouth
My soul filled with dread
A flood of emotions returned instantly
Took me back the time we last met
I recalled our passionality…
‘Ha!’, the cynical me cried
When you left it was like I’d died
And gone to hell and back
And never moved on
From the emptiness your loss left behind
What if…
This was only a dream?
Was it really you?
Could you be real?
As you walked closer to me
Others moved out of the way
They could see something was happening
That there would be magic this day
I hesitated stretching out my arms
Wondering whether or not to embrace you
Thinking maybe you were a mirage
But if you…
Then if you…
Might not respond as I intended to…
But you did the same as I
You were like my reflection
Doing as I…
‘Doo Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo…’
Forgive my momentary lapse of disbelief
Deep down I knew it was you
Though my rational mind didn’t want to believe it was true
The way you looked at me
The longing…
The longing I felt emanating
Like a tsunami from you
An unstoppable force
You didn’t want to give into…
The curiosity…
Was I real?
We were here
I could touch you
You could feel me right there
You in front of me
I held your face
Touched your hair
Held you close,
I kissed your nose
I kissed your lips
Over my heart I put your fingertips…
I felt our heartbeats sync in time…
And I melted in your embrace
For forever I knew you were mine
What I didn’t know
Was how much I’d denied I’d missed you…
Until the moment I stared deep into your eyes
I saw my soul reflected in yours reflected in mine
Dancing in light
Singing in harmony
Connecting, intertwining again…
Like an unbreakable elastic band stretched out
Further than the eye could see
That tethered us together for eternity
An infinite circle that eventually brought us back together
Swallowing air, I tried not to cry
Instead I thanked God Almighty
I didn’t want to ask him why
Or how you came to be
Here… now… because…
This reunion made everything else that hurt for so long
Bearable… forgettable…
The not knowing what happened to you
In the years that passed in war
A famine and hunger for you
That raged inside me
Until I though I was going starving mad…
It all suddenly… it suddenly all… disappeared
And I didn’t care for that pain any more
For it was to be replaced with such a joy
Making us complete once more
With the missing pieces of us reuniting
When you breathed back you into me with one kiss.

©12th April 2009 - 23:39pm Written by Angela Edgar
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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