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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


You drip like honey on my skin
Slowly as you touch me
I want to taste you
You get sweeter as you spread…
My legs all over your bed
When my bud meets your head
Heaven’s around the corner…
Love me and let me be led…

©16th October 2008 -17:26pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


The start of fall I died
You did something to me
That truly opened my eyes
And with that fact I was no longer to be
Because this is the moment
When you killed me…
The start of fall I died
My heart stopped beating
My soul wept seas of salty tears
As I recall our very first meeting
It was the start of fall
The end of a passing summer trend
Full circle comes round again
This is when you killed me…
My homie, lover, friend.

© 2nd October 2008 – 06:29am Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.


“Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! I don’t want to die!”
These chilling words couldn’t fail not to haunt you
Not even if you tried
We manipulate the stakes
So as adults we know who we are
Our children often follow what we do
It is OUR responsibility to effect positive change
That is EVERYONE – which includes YOU.

Too many times are those words being said…
Too many times are our children being left for dead…
Moving away from what they’ve been taught to know
Because now they think it’s right
But they only end up misled down a wrong path
Flung headfirst screaming into someone else’s fight.

Sometimes it’s a case of wrong time and wrong place…
Sometimes it’s because someone did something to save face…
Sometimes it’s because something got out of hand…
Sometimes it’s a case of God abandoning the damned…

“Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!..”
Frighteningly uttered these words herald another child’s dying cries
Another life full of promise snuffed out
Another mother left wiping tears from dried out eyes.

No occasion for meting out street justice
Time to wait, give the law a chance
This time CCTV footage shows a pivotal moment
One that sealed and delivered a burning lance.

Praying that someone will give up the remaining culprits
Praying they’ll be properly punished when caught.
We’re left picking up the pieces on the outside
Hoping the case will make it all the way though court.

Though nothing done or said now
Can ever bring that child back from death
But it leaves us all skittish and wondering
Whose child will these streets touch next?

©14th July 2009- 14:12pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I look at her plump rosy hued lips
Succulent lips I want desperately to kiss
Intimately seeking, searching bliss
I want to taste them
Feel the pertness of petal soft skin
Crying out to compress against another’s whim…
She parts them gently as she draws a surprised breath
I know her slightest touch could mean my untimely death
But still I imagine filling that tiny gap with my tongue
Tracing her teeth and its tips until I’m stung
By the feeling of warmth of her inner lips
Oh how those dreamy pillows I want to kiss
Then she licks them seductively
Unknowingly she is productively
Going to catch me off guard
Make something below quite hard
Make my pulse quicken
As I watch the wet glisten
Catching the light as it sparkles
Until it quickly fades away…

©13th April 2009 – 00:09am Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


“I’m not doing well at school
But I know where my knife is
I don’t care where my workbooks are
But I know where to buy a gun
I don’t want to cook or wash dishes
But I know where to score a draw
I didn’t know I could take a life
Until at my feet someone lies dead on the floor.”

Mum sits at the dining table
Worried and wringing her hands and thinking
“What has happened to my child?”
This isn’t how I brought them up to be
The rudeness, the lack of care and disrespect
I can’t blame their father who’s not even here
If he was, it would make no difference I expect.
It’s midnight and my child is not even home yet
Today he wasn’t even at school
He no longer thinks homework is important
He no longer thinks education is something cool
Instead all he wants is to run on the streets
He wants to act like he’s mean with his mates
When I tell him to do something like clean
All he replies is ‘Yeah… whatever Ma… seen!’
I think, yes solutions can be suggested and plans probably implemented…
But really identifying the root cause of the problem isn’t so easy
Then the phone rings, stops was it the cops calling
To say my son’s dead?… I feel suddenly sick and queasy
I’m at my wits end I don’t know what to do
I’m sure there are other families out there
Who are experiencing the same problems too.
Then I hear keys in the door,
It’s quarter to two in the morning
In comes my son, I grab him... shake him...
Shouting “Where have you been?!!!”
He says “I’m okay... it’s not mine…”
And then I see he’s covered in blood… but whose blood?
He falls into my arms shell shocked, pale as a sheet,
His words they stumble, then out come his tears in a flood.
“Mum, we were outside a party, just standing around chilling
This car drove by… they shouted at us…
Shot at us… they missed
Some of us chased them down in another car…
We caught them when their ride stalled… Then came the fighting…
He’s dead Ma… my friend, my blud! Then the screaming…
I stabbed one of them… I think I killed him too…!”
Quietly he asked me, “Mum, am I dreaming?”

This is my waking nightmare
Every time I visit my son at Her Majesty’s Pleasure
When I come home and sit where I sat five years ago
I re-live it like it’s happening right now
The rollercoaster of emotions that rise up and down in me
The sense of guilt and helplessness I feel
Is beyond expression
I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through
What I’ve been through… go through
What my son has to go through behind bars
To share this is my message and my warning
To stop other teens walking my son’s path
Everyone should know guns and knives don’t kill people
But they need to acknowledge the fact
That their wielders do… other people…
Other children… do take lives
Over stupid insignificant spur of the moment crap
Like treading on territorial toes
Or acting on gossip that someone else
Told someone supposedly in the know.
But the thing that stays with me the most
Wrenching my soul and ripping my heart apart
Is having to leave him in that place until he’s as old as me
Hearing the clang as doors shut behind me
His eyes red, filled with tears and his voice echoing… broken…
“Mum, I’m so sorry, I should have listened….”

©28th January 2008 Written By Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

Monday, 18 May 2009


It was all about the girl you see
I wanted her so badly, so he had to go free.
But not free in the sense
As you understand in having your liberty
But for me it was knowing
He wasn’t around to trouble her
And I could do as I pleased.

As far as I was concerned she would always be my girl
I didn’t care what he told me, so in my mind the plot began to unfurl...
Would I catch him in the day? When he was completely unaware?
I was gonna get him, that’s for sure to God I swear.

The thoughts they tormented me every single day
Imaging him kissing her and having his wicked way.
It messed up my head, every time I thought of him
I walked around daily, my face dark and my heart grim.

It was always there in the bottom of my shoe
Just waiting for the opportunity that would present
But this would be one act, on which I’d claim I always had intent.
I knew what I was doing, no matter what would be later said
I knew how it would end up,.. I just knew I would leave him dead.

The time it came to pass not so long after,
It was the end of summer weekend night
Leaving a party he was so full of life and laughter
He wanted to walk away but I knew the time was right.
The only excuse I needed in my mind and now
Was to cause him to strike the first blow… but how?
So I goaded him with verbal temptation, the anticipation of a fight
He was the big man on campus,
Yeah I wanted him to come to me to test his might.

When the fist came, you can say the rest was history
Out came the knife from my shoe quick as a flash
The street ran redder with each single slicing gash
After those eight came the finishing blows
I won’t ever forget how thick blood flows
Because it was all about the girl you see
Her tiny cute button nose
Her pretty brown eyes
Her long silky locks
The way she laughed til she cried
The way she smiled at my unfunny jokes
The way she ran with a graceful lope
The way she walked with a sexy swagger
The way she touched me leaving me so hot I could only stagger.
It was all about her…
It was all about her not being with him…
It was all about him being out of the picture…
It was all so I could be her man again…

©18th May 2009-13:22pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Who would ever love me?
I think as I look at the door
Waiting for the post to drop
Wondering what wings its way towards my letter box
On this fourteenth day of the second month.
Apprehension fills me with dread
Of all the past encounters I’ve had
Spinning my heart in circles and rocking my head
The emotions over-run and under-turn me
Forging my memories into anti-memories
So I no longer know truth from reality.
I think back to the handsome man on the bus
Knowing he walks behind me at the end of the day
Passing me by as I entered my flat alone
So he knew where I lived
He smiled at me each morning everyday
As he sat in the seat opposite me
Then I think oh it was just courtesy,
That he didn’t really mean it
That he was just trying to be polite
But oh how his sparkly twinkle always caught my eye
Unaware he made my day start off that much better.

I imagine the joy I’d feel seeing a strange envelope
In amongst my usual mail
Apprehensively opening it up
My heart would soar with joy
Knowing someone had taken the time to think of me
The effort to choose the right sentiment
The lick or stick of stamp to card
The walk to the post office or post box
To send it lovingly my way…

Who would ever love my smile?
My sparkle?
My twinkle?
My curvy hips?
My saggy rump?
My not so pert chest as age and gravity catches up?
Who would want to listen to my laugh?
My sense of humour?
My wisdom?
My words of comfort and advice?
My moany, croaky voice when I first wake up?
Who would ever hunger for my companionship?
Crave my touch?
My smell?
My warmth?
My intimacy?
Who would ever love me now you’re gone?

© 12th April 2009 – 23:56pm Written by Angela Edgar


Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


When I saw your face in the crowd
I looked back in a double take
I stopped in surprise
I didn’t think it’d be you…
I never dreamed it was you…
Could be you…
Would ever be you… again…
I didn’t want to believe my eyes
It had been so long
I thought you were dead
My heart came into my mouth
My soul filled with dread
A flood of emotions returned instantly
Took me back the time we last met
I recalled our passionality…
‘Ha!’, the cynical me cried
When you left it was like I’d died
And gone to hell and back
And never moved on
From the emptiness your loss left behind
What if…
This was only a dream?
Was it really you?
Could you be real?
As you walked closer to me
Others moved out of the way
They could see something was happening
That there would be magic this day
I hesitated stretching out my arms
Wondering whether or not to embrace you
Thinking maybe you were a mirage
But if you…
Then if you…
Might not respond as I intended to…
But you did the same as I
You were like my reflection
Doing as I…
‘Doo Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo…’
Forgive my momentary lapse of disbelief
Deep down I knew it was you
Though my rational mind didn’t want to believe it was true
The way you looked at me
The longing…
The longing I felt emanating
Like a tsunami from you
An unstoppable force
You didn’t want to give into…
The curiosity…
Was I real?
We were here
I could touch you
You could feel me right there
You in front of me
I held your face
Touched your hair
Held you close,
I kissed your nose
I kissed your lips
Over my heart I put your fingertips…
I felt our heartbeats sync in time…
And I melted in your embrace
For forever I knew you were mine
What I didn’t know
Was how much I’d denied I’d missed you…
Until the moment I stared deep into your eyes
I saw my soul reflected in yours reflected in mine
Dancing in light
Singing in harmony
Connecting, intertwining again…
Like an unbreakable elastic band stretched out
Further than the eye could see
That tethered us together for eternity
An infinite circle that eventually brought us back together
Swallowing air, I tried not to cry
Instead I thanked God Almighty
I didn’t want to ask him why
Or how you came to be
Here… now… because…
This reunion made everything else that hurt for so long
Bearable… forgettable…
The not knowing what happened to you
In the years that passed in war
A famine and hunger for you
That raged inside me
Until I though I was going starving mad…
It all suddenly… it suddenly all… disappeared
And I didn’t care for that pain any more
For it was to be replaced with such a joy
Making us complete once more
With the missing pieces of us reuniting
When you breathed back you into me with one kiss.

©12th April 2009 - 23:39pm Written by Angela Edgar
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Hhhhmmm… Chocolate Statue… let me taste your shade – white, milk or plain
Feel my caress as I wonder where to take the first bite
Will you melt in my mouth like Galaxy or Kit-Kat?
Let me wonder about your make up - your ingredients
What makes your flavour what it is?

Hhhhmmm… Chocolate Statue… should I just admire your stance?
Your position, your coolness?
View you in your original glory?
Before I influence your existence forever…
With a taste from my lips?

Hhhhmmm… Chocolate Statue… what form will you take after my first bite?
Will you still have your crisp shell with a mysterious centre?
That I don’t know if it’s hard or soft?
Just waiting for me to break open and explore…
Will there still be something left or will you be all gone?

Hhhhmmm… Chocolate Statue… I think I need to leave you alone
You’d go straight to my lips, my hips, my breasts
I think I’d enjoy you too much for it to be a good thing
Sometimes the best things aren’t always good for you
You can’t deny the satisfaction as you indulge...
But I am a woman who loves to indulge… her chocolate fantasy…

©2nd July 2006 Written By Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

Please visit to listen to the DVJ audio track of this poem. Sexy, seductive vocals will leave you begging to hear more...


(The Repertoire Of My Panties)

You wanna pull ‘em down don’t you?
But you got to listen to them first
You’ll never know my desires
Until you unleash T.R.O.M.P.
The repertoire of my panties
They sing to you…

Let me wine down your body
Make you hot and hard
Like a rock diamond
Stiff enough for my cat
Rich enough for my taste
The more you grind me
The wetter I get
Sexy, lacy fabric drips with my essence
But really who’s the girl?
You poke, you prick tease
I can satisfy you with such ease
My lips on your…
I hum and I strum…
Oh yes satisfaction guaranteed
I aim to please…
Please you perhaps
Please me oh definitely
I dress to sex ultimately
Frilly French knickers or
Sexy Basques with pearl beads
That titillate and tantalise my bits
Dressed in a suit or sweats
Who knows but me
What’s underneath
Unless you have the pleasure
And my permission to unveil
Spider web backed thongs
With diamonds and bows
Hi-leg, mid-cut, hipster style freaks
When you’ve had about enough as you can bear
And just can’t take it no more
When you’re about to burst
Ready to pop a lil' cream
I’ll give you the whisper you’ve been dying for…
The sound of silk or satin sliding down my thighs…

©5th September 2006 – 19:07pm Written By Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited

Monday, 20 April 2009


Hoping to see your loved one
Longingly you watch that door
Hoping they’ve brought you something special
To keep the prison dogs from beating you to the floor

What would you do the moment you saw them?
You’ve built up dreams… expectations
Likely you’d grab them tightly
After some initial split second hesitation.

What would you do when you saw them?
Likely sweep them off their feet
Expressing all your feelings of anticipation
Of that very first lock-up meet.

The doors open admitting a stream of unfamiliar faces
But it’s not your kin
It’s not your sweetheart or mother
Who comes waltzing in.

As you sit and wait
Thinking of all the things you want to say
You hope that their feelings for you
In their own personal suffering, haven’t faded away

Perhaps by admission it was your fault
What ever you did to end up in here
Don’t say you weren’t properly represented
And the courts were not just or fair.

But the moment you’ll see your family
When inside these walls you tried to be strong
But when you see them you crumble
All your words coming out wrong.

You’ll hug them close,
You’ll hold them tight
You’ll regret the act that put you here
You’ll tell them you wish you could put it right.

You wait patiently by yourself
You sit at that table all alone
Wondering if you should have paid the price
To get that illegal mobile phone.

You wouldn’t be here sitting agitatedly
Wondering what the hell’s taking them so long?
Seconds turn to minutes, other visitors pack up to leave
Remaining unvisited prisoners, left with their own silent parting grief.

A sinking feeling grabs hold inside you
When you hear all the prison wardens yell
“Time’s up! You’ve no visitors this month
Time to go back to your one room cell.”

© 21st July 2008 – 22:54pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


It’s a way of life
That’s become so ordinary
Lifestyle, protection and peer pressure
Lead you to carry a knife
Some believe we can change
It’s attitude that can be rearranged or broken
It’s time to break the heavy silence
You have views which should now be spoken

It’s a way of life
A threat of putting holes in you
“Stop looking or I’ll stab you twice!
If I jook you a couple more times
I’m gonna enjoy taking your life.”

It’s a way of life
That shouldn’t have come to this
Police statistics sometimes hide the truth
That not all reports of injustice
Get through to their call centre booths
Some people handle it themselves
Others just dismiss it away
But until we do something about it
With us always this fear of doing nothing will stay.

©29th May 2008 Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited


Violence and mayhem, all around
You can’t sleep at night
Your fear grows in leaps and bounds
It comes to you in the most innocent of packages
You think it’s the boys you should fear?
Think again because it’s now the girls you hold dear.

Binge drinking and smoking, underage sex
What have we come to?
Our girl child’s lives are in a mess!
STD’s, lock up, pregnancy and giving birth in a cell
No further education of minors, nothing more seem well.

The gang culture has our girls desperate to be like a boy
Robbing and stealing for the higher end kind of toys
But stay on this path and a loser’s journey you will live
Holloway Prison awaits to receive you with your one life to give.

©6th July 2008 – 00.26am Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


It took you having a child
To even consider changing your ways
To realise that you were no longer a child
That by birthing your own behind bars
You marked the start of a new life
You inflicted a permanent shadow of doubt on their soul
You made it even more harder
For them to strive and reach for any goal
The unasked questions and eternal wondering
Would daughter follow the footsteps of mother?
Would she go on to birth more ignorance
In the form of more murdering sons and brothers?

Makes you think twice of your actions
The fact you now realise you have something to protect
One that’s as helpless as your own former victims
That you robbed and beat and left to neglect.

Turn back the tides of time?
You might wish that you could
Might make you wish and wonder
That you had gotten out of your hood
You might wish that you could have
Taken back the set-up you set up
Like a rider’s first fox hunt
The initiation of being blooded by the first and last cut.

To not have made the call
That set motions into effect
Which now you’ll never take back
Yes, now you think, that I do surely regret
But it took a momentary understanding
Of the importance of your motherhood role
And your new heartfelt honoured bond promise
To steer your baby girl forever clear of the wrong fold.

©6th July 2008 – 00.26am Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Waking up to go to school
You make any excuse not to go
You hate that someone is trying so hard
To stop your educational flow.

The fear grips you tight in your bed
You want to huddle under the covers
Where you feel protected and safe
As if looked after by your mother.

No-one could ever understand
How these bullies make you feel
How they turn your own nightmares against you
Turn it into something horrendously real.

Pick on you for nothing, something innocuous
As the colour of your coat, bag, hair or shoes
The agony is the battle ahead, where you’ve no chance of winning
Unless you stand up and fight or admit defeat and lose.

©18th December 2008 – 17:04pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


He’s staring at the blood on the floor
Sitting in a chair he pulled closer to the door
To stop her escape
He chuckles silently, “She’ll pay for her mistake…”
No worries of covering up a future crime scene
No trying to hide evidence that isn’t yet there
His love and lust for doling her punishment drives him
Never trying to erase the image
He replays constantly in his mind
Just like a video rewind
Of her life he misspent frivolously
With every physical beat and lick
With every verbal slice and dice
He wore her down to the ground
Until she thought she was nothing
And so became and acted as nothing
He fondly regaled, climbing on her in the middle of the night
A slap in the face waking her from slumber
The occasions were all the same
Just too many to remember in detail
Drunkenly… druggedly… or both…
Always demanding “It’s my right…”
“You better give it up tonight…”
The unsaid “Or Else…” instantly resonating loudly
With the head punches she received
The torso blows that he pounded
Into the body she looked after so proudly
Every time…
Until the tables turned with her escape…

She didn’t want to be the she who endures this
But to be the she whose lover desires her lips to touch with his
So in love, she wanted to feel an endless wedded bliss
But wait… that’s just a dream
Of a life she saw in a magazine
Of being a caring wife
Whose husband adores her
Kisses her hand
Brings her chocolates and candy
Draws flowers in the sand
Pampers her lips with an ice cream kiss
At the beach on a warm sunny day
Who doesn’t brand
Her soul with misery
This is the reality
Of the seeds he sowed
That grew into being her old life
She escaped… and so her new life starts now…

The white sheet covers her calm featured face
The tray slides in silently with a click
The mortician sighs sadly, “What another waste…”
Shutting the door behind him, he hears the clocks tick
In time to his steps he walks out to process
Another battered angel, his second one this week
The freezing cold air re-floods the empty room,
Cocooning another soul-less body in a protective vacuum.

© 4th April 2009 – 17:33pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


All he ever wanted was a hug
Just some form of affection to show he was loved

All he ever wanted was a hug
Maybe that would’ve stopped him from becoming a thug

All he ever wanted was a hug
So he could know his father really did care

All he ever wanted was a hug
Maybe he wouldn’t have got caught up in a gang life snare

All he ever wanted was a hug
Maybe that would have told him someone was there

When his father died
His anger took hold
Made him so fierce
Made him act so bold
Hitting out at the nearest person
Damaging the nearest thing
Blind rage and no consequence
Like boxing invisible enemies in an empty ring
Made him hunger for a different life
All he ever wanted was a hug
All he wanted to do was live without strife
A downward spiral, a trip to hell
Unless someone can step in
Tell him, ‘Trust me and all will be well.’
But why did it take him going to jail
Whilst inside to meet victims of crime
To learn that his actions have consequences
That taking a life means losing yours doing time.

But it took a victim to show him
All he ever needed was a hug
He got that from a stranger
Who showed him there is such a thing as love.

If such a simple act of compassion
Is all it can take…
Then let’s talk and let me give you a hug
See what a difference, together we can make.

© 15th July 2008 – 10:59am Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited

Sunday, 19 April 2009


The clink of bars behind you
Signals you are no longer free
In order to survive
You’ll need to protect you and your ‘inside me’
You’ll have to harden up
You’ll have to get tough
But don’t become a suicide statistic
Don’t become one who gave up because they had enough
As chains snap tight around your waist
Shackles and clips hold your hands and legs tight
Whilst you’re sped through prison halls in haste
Green and grey walls greet you
Your new home for life
A paedo or robber, a new partner to share your time
Get used to your roomie
If you don’t like it, don’t do the crime
To get lock up like me.

©29th May 2008 - 18:19pm Written By Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited


Don’t let them win
I’m so tired of the silence within
Our communities that hold us bound and tied
Too many of us have died
Trying to be ordinary citizens doing their thing
Wrong place, wrong time, got caught up in the din
That others caused
Why? Well just because
They could
Doesn’t mean they should
Take a life
Burden someone already rife
With misery because they are male and black
Always seen to be the ones who attack
Their own seeds they’ve grown
To reap what they have sown
Don’t let them win
The cowards who hide within
Our communities that hold us bound and tied in silence
It’s time to speak up to stop the violence
That now riddles our once peaceful streets
That made us see OUR London was so unique
For the sense of family and diversity
Together we could face any adversity
But no longer
We need to become stronger
It’s time to see that half empty cup is half full
It’s time to stop hiding behind the bull
So what if you are black
Stop using it as an excuse to say you’re not able
That you can’t because your financials aren’t stable
We are tough
WE can do this together
But only if we stand altogether.

© 12th February 2009 – 16:09pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


I remember when
Your tongue traced rings around
And I writhed in ecstasy
Enjoying every moment
Every sensation of
Lips on labia
Of heat meeting heat
Of liquid quenching thirst
Executed in a thigh pounding beat
Taste buds all a tingle
You savour the salty and the sweet
You close your eyes in rapture
Whilst you continue making my heartbeat increase
You suck and you tickle
Spelling the alphabet with such precision
Don’t ever let me stop you from
Completing your below my waist mission
Grasp my hand and hold it tight
Keeping your head in my very special place
Please take your time in delivering my pleasure
Good Eating out should never be a race!

© 18th January 2009 – 22:00pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.


Chase the feeling you keep going
Only to lose the flow
Pick up the rhythm again
When you’re close, inside, you’ll feel a warm glow…

Close your eyes in anticipated bliss
Get your senses back in touch
Getting all naked and sweaty
Chasing the feeling you love so much…

Feel the tension building
Feel the flush across your skin
Start panting and thrusting harder
Until the sweet explosion starts within…

Like a rocket lifting off
It will blast you from your feet
Satisfied you’ll sigh and close your eyes
And contentedly fall asleep released!

© 23rd November 2008 12:30pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

Saturday, 18 April 2009


You take your fingers
To break off a piece of moist rich cake
You watch as my eyes widen
In anticipation
Of sweet succulent delectability
Touching my lips
Rolling across my tongue
Making me hum
In satisfaction
My breath becomes quite animated
My pulse begins to quicken
My body gives into accomplishing
My cocoa fuelled mission…
You temptingly tease me
Drawing your coated digits
Over and around my lips
Seductively smearing them with chocolaty bits
Melting by the heat of my desire
When you touch me it’s like…
Wow… I’m fire
When my cavity isn’t ‘Aahhh’ enough for you
To send the pieces on their oral journey
You gently prise it wider open
The chocolate has spoken
In a flash, my mouth surrounds
Licks your finger in leaps and bounds
Ravenously cleaning around and round
And closes like…. hmmm
I’m in heaven
Multi-cocoa’d cake-filled heaven
I’ll suckle gently on your tip
Like a baby in paradise
As dark takes over my eyes
I savour the wondrous taste
Of My Chocolate Boy Surprise…

© 9th April 2009 11:00am Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

“CINNAMON & SIN” (Title Poem)

I am Cinnamon…
As sweet as you like
I am Cinnamon…
Learning to shape a new life
I am Cinnamon…
Sharing my words as I flow
I am Cinnamon…
On you I hope to grow.

I am Cinnamon…
Sensuality and seduction in fun
I am Cinnamon…
Beauty and brains wrapped up in one
I am Cinnamon…
Will you come to me?
I am Cinnamon…
Let love set you free.

I am Sin…
Dark dreams of which you don’t speak
I am Sin…
Hidden deep within… your secret freak
I am Sin…
The things you don’t ever ask others about
I am Sin…
Something you wish you could do without.

I am Sin…
The dirty thought you hold back
I am Sin…
The need you have to attack
I am Sin…
The act you wish you didn’t want to do
I am Sin…
Your dark side trying to break through.

Cinnamon and Sin…
We suffer for art and in love welcome you in
Cinnamon and Sin…
Where the wickedness of evil can either lose or it can win
Cinnamon and Sin…
A playground of sighs where heated passions rise
Cinnamon and Sin…
Devoid of positivity, a world enveloped and surrounded by lies.

Cinnamon and Sin…
Where greatness and innovation thrive
Cinnamon and Sin…
When husbands cheat on loyal, faithful wives
Cinnamon and Sin…
Where children can run, play and are safe
Cinnamon and Sin…
When already broken individuals, lonely for attention, cry rape.

Cinnamon and Sin…
Where cultures clash and collide
Cinnamon and Sin…
Religion and politics create a world divide
Cinnamon and Sin…
A fear of walking alone in the street
Cinnamon and Sin…
Another night of credit crunch sheep losing sleep.

Cinnamon and Sin…
Holding out a helping hand
Cinnamon and Sin…
Playing with loved ones in the sunny sand
Cinnamon and Sin…
Found in everyone, just like you and me
Cinnamon in Sin…
We are all… All are we.

© 30th July 2008 – 10:45am Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited


I love the way you make me sigh

When you kiss and caress my inside thigh

Hit that soft spot just by my inner knee

When you touch me there… Oooh Baby

You hold my legs up

You place your tip to my crutch

You kiss, I’m in bliss

But a spot you never miss

As you slip right in

I willingly accept you deep within

Give me that intimate touch

You know I need you

I love you so much

The tenderest caress of your lips on my thigh

Baby you make me so weak and wet… My oh My

Sensations in my stomach of butterfly fluttering

You leave me speechless

With unintelligible gibberish uttering

In me you create a deadly new passion

Keep it going as you bring me to the height of satisfaction.

©20th October 2008 -22:28pm Written by Angela Edgar

All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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