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Monday, 20 April 2009


It took you having a child
To even consider changing your ways
To realise that you were no longer a child
That by birthing your own behind bars
You marked the start of a new life
You inflicted a permanent shadow of doubt on their soul
You made it even more harder
For them to strive and reach for any goal
The unasked questions and eternal wondering
Would daughter follow the footsteps of mother?
Would she go on to birth more ignorance
In the form of more murdering sons and brothers?

Makes you think twice of your actions
The fact you now realise you have something to protect
One that’s as helpless as your own former victims
That you robbed and beat and left to neglect.

Turn back the tides of time?
You might wish that you could
Might make you wish and wonder
That you had gotten out of your hood
You might wish that you could have
Taken back the set-up you set up
Like a rider’s first fox hunt
The initiation of being blooded by the first and last cut.

To not have made the call
That set motions into effect
Which now you’ll never take back
Yes, now you think, that I do surely regret
But it took a momentary understanding
Of the importance of your motherhood role
And your new heartfelt honoured bond promise
To steer your baby girl forever clear of the wrong fold.

©6th July 2008 – 00.26am Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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