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Monday, 20 April 2009


It’s a way of life
That’s become so ordinary
Lifestyle, protection and peer pressure
Lead you to carry a knife
Some believe we can change
It’s attitude that can be rearranged or broken
It’s time to break the heavy silence
You have views which should now be spoken

It’s a way of life
A threat of putting holes in you
“Stop looking or I’ll stab you twice!
If I jook you a couple more times
I’m gonna enjoy taking your life.”

It’s a way of life
That shouldn’t have come to this
Police statistics sometimes hide the truth
That not all reports of injustice
Get through to their call centre booths
Some people handle it themselves
Others just dismiss it away
But until we do something about it
With us always this fear of doing nothing will stay.

©29th May 2008 Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited

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