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Monday, 20 April 2009


He’s staring at the blood on the floor
Sitting in a chair he pulled closer to the door
To stop her escape
He chuckles silently, “She’ll pay for her mistake…”
No worries of covering up a future crime scene
No trying to hide evidence that isn’t yet there
His love and lust for doling her punishment drives him
Never trying to erase the image
He replays constantly in his mind
Just like a video rewind
Of her life he misspent frivolously
With every physical beat and lick
With every verbal slice and dice
He wore her down to the ground
Until she thought she was nothing
And so became and acted as nothing
He fondly regaled, climbing on her in the middle of the night
A slap in the face waking her from slumber
The occasions were all the same
Just too many to remember in detail
Drunkenly… druggedly… or both…
Always demanding “It’s my right…”
“You better give it up tonight…”
The unsaid “Or Else…” instantly resonating loudly
With the head punches she received
The torso blows that he pounded
Into the body she looked after so proudly
Every time…
Until the tables turned with her escape…

She didn’t want to be the she who endures this
But to be the she whose lover desires her lips to touch with his
So in love, she wanted to feel an endless wedded bliss
But wait… that’s just a dream
Of a life she saw in a magazine
Of being a caring wife
Whose husband adores her
Kisses her hand
Brings her chocolates and candy
Draws flowers in the sand
Pampers her lips with an ice cream kiss
At the beach on a warm sunny day
Who doesn’t brand
Her soul with misery
This is the reality
Of the seeds he sowed
That grew into being her old life
She escaped… and so her new life starts now…

The white sheet covers her calm featured face
The tray slides in silently with a click
The mortician sighs sadly, “What another waste…”
Shutting the door behind him, he hears the clocks tick
In time to his steps he walks out to process
Another battered angel, his second one this week
The freezing cold air re-floods the empty room,
Cocooning another soul-less body in a protective vacuum.

© 4th April 2009 – 17:33pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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