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Sunday, 19 April 2009


Don’t let them win
I’m so tired of the silence within
Our communities that hold us bound and tied
Too many of us have died
Trying to be ordinary citizens doing their thing
Wrong place, wrong time, got caught up in the din
That others caused
Why? Well just because
They could
Doesn’t mean they should
Take a life
Burden someone already rife
With misery because they are male and black
Always seen to be the ones who attack
Their own seeds they’ve grown
To reap what they have sown
Don’t let them win
The cowards who hide within
Our communities that hold us bound and tied in silence
It’s time to speak up to stop the violence
That now riddles our once peaceful streets
That made us see OUR London was so unique
For the sense of family and diversity
Together we could face any adversity
But no longer
We need to become stronger
It’s time to see that half empty cup is half full
It’s time to stop hiding behind the bull
So what if you are black
Stop using it as an excuse to say you’re not able
That you can’t because your financials aren’t stable
We are tough
WE can do this together
But only if we stand altogether.

© 12th February 2009 – 16:09pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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