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Saturday, 18 April 2009


You take your fingers
To break off a piece of moist rich cake
You watch as my eyes widen
In anticipation
Of sweet succulent delectability
Touching my lips
Rolling across my tongue
Making me hum
In satisfaction
My breath becomes quite animated
My pulse begins to quicken
My body gives into accomplishing
My cocoa fuelled mission…
You temptingly tease me
Drawing your coated digits
Over and around my lips
Seductively smearing them with chocolaty bits
Melting by the heat of my desire
When you touch me it’s like…
Wow… I’m fire
When my cavity isn’t ‘Aahhh’ enough for you
To send the pieces on their oral journey
You gently prise it wider open
The chocolate has spoken
In a flash, my mouth surrounds
Licks your finger in leaps and bounds
Ravenously cleaning around and round
And closes like…. hmmm
I’m in heaven
Multi-cocoa’d cake-filled heaven
I’ll suckle gently on your tip
Like a baby in paradise
As dark takes over my eyes
I savour the wondrous taste
Of My Chocolate Boy Surprise…

© 9th April 2009 11:00am Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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