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Tuesday 21 April 2009


(The Repertoire Of My Panties)

You wanna pull ‘em down don’t you?
But you got to listen to them first
You’ll never know my desires
Until you unleash T.R.O.M.P.
The repertoire of my panties
They sing to you…

Let me wine down your body
Make you hot and hard
Like a rock diamond
Stiff enough for my cat
Rich enough for my taste
The more you grind me
The wetter I get
Sexy, lacy fabric drips with my essence
But really who’s the girl?
You poke, you prick tease
I can satisfy you with such ease
My lips on your…
I hum and I strum…
Oh yes satisfaction guaranteed
I aim to please…
Please you perhaps
Please me oh definitely
I dress to sex ultimately
Frilly French knickers or
Sexy Basques with pearl beads
That titillate and tantalise my bits
Dressed in a suit or sweats
Who knows but me
What’s underneath
Unless you have the pleasure
And my permission to unveil
Spider web backed thongs
With diamonds and bows
Hi-leg, mid-cut, hipster style freaks
When you’ve had about enough as you can bear
And just can’t take it no more
When you’re about to burst
Ready to pop a lil' cream
I’ll give you the whisper you’ve been dying for…
The sound of silk or satin sliding down my thighs…

©5th September 2006 – 19:07pm Written By Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited

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