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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


“Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! I don’t want to die!”
These chilling words couldn’t fail not to haunt you
Not even if you tried
We manipulate the stakes
So as adults we know who we are
Our children often follow what we do
It is OUR responsibility to effect positive change
That is EVERYONE – which includes YOU.

Too many times are those words being said…
Too many times are our children being left for dead…
Moving away from what they’ve been taught to know
Because now they think it’s right
But they only end up misled down a wrong path
Flung headfirst screaming into someone else’s fight.

Sometimes it’s a case of wrong time and wrong place…
Sometimes it’s because someone did something to save face…
Sometimes it’s because something got out of hand…
Sometimes it’s a case of God abandoning the damned…

“Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!..”
Frighteningly uttered these words herald another child’s dying cries
Another life full of promise snuffed out
Another mother left wiping tears from dried out eyes.

No occasion for meting out street justice
Time to wait, give the law a chance
This time CCTV footage shows a pivotal moment
One that sealed and delivered a burning lance.

Praying that someone will give up the remaining culprits
Praying they’ll be properly punished when caught.
We’re left picking up the pieces on the outside
Hoping the case will make it all the way though court.

Though nothing done or said now
Can ever bring that child back from death
But it leaves us all skittish and wondering
Whose child will these streets touch next?

©14th July 2009- 14:12pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.

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