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Sunday, 7 August 2011


Now I'm not going to say what is happening is Tottenham is right, but people are heated...

You have got to remember the only ones who are going to suffer the most are the ones in the local community whose jobs, homes and livelihoods have been effectively wiped out by the looting and burning of the shops, the destruction of property or homes. Some top brass somewhere is laughing saying let them destroy each other and everything they have worked for and a question I keep seeing being asking so many times on blogs/twitter etc is... why are only cops getting interviewed? #JustMyOpinion.

YouTube Audio interview my friend sent me (after I wrote this poem) with a protester about what really sparked the riot:
(Photo: BBC NEWS)

LONDON'S BURNING (title suggested by Stennet)

London's burning feelings are churning
All because Mark Duggan's life was lost
London's burning male rage is yearning
Cops laugh saying "It's just another black gangsta we shot!"

Let's burn a cop car...
Let's petrol bomb a bus
Cops stand back laughing saying
"Let them do our work for us!"

Youngers with hoods on
When they should be tucked up in bed
Going out to earn their stripes
By kicking in someone's head.

Where's the order?
Who's in control?
Tottenham is rioting
Haringey's initiating new blood into the fold.

But wait, didn't it all start peaceably?
Only tempers got frayed quite heatedly
Protesting legitimately for another unlawful police death
Someone will have to answer to this hot mess.

Blackberried youths
Receiving a ping
Who's controlling this fire?
Send a group broadcast to rope more people in.

Outta area militants using a family's grief
To cause more fuss
Missiles and fireworks launched
Any excuse to raze local businesses and homes to dust.

Those in the heart of it
Journalists documenting the war
They are beaten, their cameras stolen
They're left knocked out cold on the floor.

Looting, burning, rioting
Is this a sign of the times?
Public demanding answers from the police
All everyone wants is the truth to the shoot... so give us that at least.

(C)6th August 2011 Angela Edgar All Rights Reserved

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