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Sunday 14 August 2011

"SHAME" excluisve collaboration with Marina Bayley

All I will say is those responsible for the damage the last few days has made me feel so ashamed of being a Londoner, but the Clean Up Crews capital wide gave me back a sense of hope and pride that we can come back from this in their unity. I call for peace on the streets and let our communities come together in harmony and rebuild what others have so cruelly taken from us. 

Presenting 'Shame' the first poetic collab by Angee & Marina.... 

I feel ashamed to say I live in London 

Because the actions of the few reflect on all 

I feel ashamed to say I live in London 

Because in this city I used to be able to stand proud and tall 


Ping! Let’s stop the postcode war 

And all go rob a store. 

This devastating burden of crime and pain 

Don’t rest on me I don’t care I’m unashamed. 


Is London burning because the power hungry hesitate? 

Is no one learning from past rioting mistakes? 

Why does the heart of London’s disenfranchised ache? 

Only to see police flee and fall back from their angers rising wake… 


Ping! Where you at? 

I’m in Clapham and my pockets are getting fat. 

We got one purpose, one thought, one goal 

To see how much our hands can hold. 


People are crying because their dreams are dying 

All the while politicians and police are still lying 

Covering up what they did and what they failed to do, 

All the while their undercovers stir up a poisoned brew. 


Ping! Ping! Where the police at? 

Sssssssssssssh you mouth and pass me dat hat. 

Put it on over mans dem head 

We need to hide our face from the feds. 


Seeing how youths are coming together 

Looting and robbing is now done just for fun 

At least they’re not shooting each other 

They came together without a gun. 


Ping! Whose that on your phone? 

It’s my mum she’s crying, telling me to come home. 

Mommer Bwoy! That’s so just wack! 

Why don't she go back to smoking her crack? 


Parents at home asking where are our kids? 

When they finally come home with that LCD 

How will they explain to us with no job 

They can afford such a big TV? 


Ping! Don't she know man has to run? 

Why’s this woman always trying 

To spoil man an man’s fun? 

At least, today I don’t need a gun. 


With all this rioting 

Have you heard any shots? 

All I’m hearing are voices screaming out 

“We’re gonna take what you got!” 


Ping! What! You want to stop me? 

You can't stop me, as I will multiply at least by 3 

Then to replace me 30 more 

Will come knocking at your door 


The fight for justice is a cover 

This is rage, it’s not a yearning 

This is children supposedly having fun 

But all they do is leave London burning. 


Ping! Who started this war? 

Fools can't stop me, I walk straight though any door 

I put my fist right in their face 

I’ll show them it’s not just about one race 


The Turks in Dalston came together 

They defended their own territory 

As one they rose up to the thugs 

As one they said you will have to come through me! 


Ping! Yo Blud! You watching the fire roar? 

Let’s hide these things behind that door. 

Look! Did you see that man? 

Why is he waving, does he want water or a fan? 


The looters are getting looted 

The survivors are getting robbed 

Everyone is just out for themselves 

Damn dirty stinking criminal yobs! 


Ping! Please come home? 

Shut up women who cares if, you’re all alone 

My family’s here So I am never alone 

And if the truth be told, I am already home 


People getting trapped in businesses 

Lone women getting jacked for their cars 

I hope that all these sad fuckers 

Get prosecuted ending up behind bars 


Ping! Political movement? NOT 

Or we’d be knocking on the Queen’s door 

We're here to take what we can take 

We’re having too much fun for fucks sake 


There are no aliens looking for a fight 

This isn’t a film called attack the block 

This is a gang of fearless youths 

Testing their might by attacking cops 


Ping! You know you can't stop me! 

I am everywhere can't you see? 

The world is mine, I pick and choose 

I can do and take what I please. 


But we feel ashamed to say we live in London 

Because the actions of the few reflect on all 

We feel ashamed to say we live in London 

Because in this city we used to be able to stand proud and tall. 


(C)9th August 2011 Angela Edgar & Marina Bayley 

All Rights Reserved

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